Redstarts everywhere (in SD75W)

A morning's atlasing around SD75W north of Bolton-by-Bowland was the plan for the day and as soon as the car pulled up a male Redstart sang from the roadside treetop. Such a distinctive but not terribly inspiring song!

Everywhere I went in this tetrad I came across more Redstarts with a final count of twenty-one in my two hours. The streams that run through the area were very nearly dry and so there were none of the birds that you'd associate with them - I wonder where all the Dippers have gone - probably on the major rivers as they're so low. Perhaps they'll start to fill up again with the rain that's forecast.

Back home and the Blackcap and Wilow Warbler are singing away in the afternoon sunshine, drowning out the sound of my lawnmower - well not quite. Still not many House Martins around yet and still no Whitethroats.