Meally Redpoll in the Garden

This-morning I braved the biting north-westerly at Rishton Res but there was nothing new around. Still two pairs of Oystercatchers hanging around but no sign of any Tufted Ducks.

Back in the garden, the feeders had been very busy with up to seven Lesser Redpolls on the Niger Seed along with several Chaffinches, Greenfinches, Goldfinches and Bullfinches. I decided to reposition the niger seed feeder outside the 'hide' window just in case they were brave enough. A Chiffchaff sang in the trees briefly (at last) and the Treecreepers could be heard down near the stream.

I didn't have to wait too long until the Redpolls found the feeder and showed no fear at all as I took some images. None of the birds I saw were ringed.
Then I was in for a nice surprise when this female Meally Redpoll came into view. It stood out a mile when in the trees as it appeared almost white with a very pale grey head .
It even came to the feeder with this male Redpoll below which could have been a Meally as well but they're so tricky without seeing all the features.


  1. Excellent images of the Meally Redpoll Dave, and even more excellent because it visited your garden feeder.


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