It's Dotterel time

Whilst we wait for the Dotterel to turn up on Pendle Hill, it's nice to get others in the region and a male present near Abbeystead was just asking to be watched so I finally succumbed to the temptation. Though never close as it had been, it kept mostly out of view in a holow on the other side of a fence - this is not how we are used to seeing them, of course. On top of Pendle Hill you just sit down and they eventually come pretty damn close!

Being a male, it wasn't the brightest button in the pack. That honour went to some absolutely spanking Golden Plovers that shared the pasture.
You can just about make out the Dotterel skulking on the right hand side of the image above.

I had to return to Blackburn quite early but I called in at the flood near Inskip where around twenty Whimbrel were present - nice to see them in the daylight. With over 1000 birds at three roosts a couple of days ago, the Ribble is certainly the place to get good-sized congregations of this species in late April.