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Siskin movement

This mornings birding was a ringing session in the garden which turned up a few new birds for the winter. We started with a couple of House Sparrows, Chaffinches and a Dunnock but things were rather quiet to say the least.

A single Redpoll taunted us from the top of a tree but a couple of female Siskins ignored us and flew straight into the top net. A little later, a couple of males came to the feeders and one (an adult) obligingly dropped into the net whilst all other birds avoided it (the wind was picking up and it was rather billowing!) Mark had had a few Siskins at his place during the week so there's clearly something going on.
We trapped a few new Long-tailed Tits as well as re-trapping another three. A final round succeeded in capturing a juvenile male Reed Bunting as well as our only Blue Tit of the morning - a re-trap from a few years ago. Not one Coal or Great Tit came near the trapping area all morning!
I received a message from Kane Brides regarding the Coot on Rishton…

Name that Coot!

Finally got down to the reservoir this morning in some good light and managed to get a better view of the colour-ringed Coot. Last week the weather was miserable and I couldn't make out if there was another colour ring on the leg but I learned on Saturday that there should have been so today I had to find out!
A few Coot were out on the dam wall I could see that one of them was the target bird. What I'd thought last week was a metal ring was in fact purple on top of blue and the metal ring was on the other leg under the yellow ring - need my eyes testing! Just goes to show how bad the light was last week. Hopefully I'll get an answer to where the bird was ringed now (probably Southport).

The Grebes were displaying - in fact there are four birds on the reservoir now so they're starting to return along with four Oystercatchers and 14 Curlews.

The wood is coming alive with bird song: 'the' Nuthatch was calling away and Great Spotted Woodpeckers were drumming.Mistl…

WeBs on Rishton Reservoir and a Woodcock in the garden

Today is the core count day for the Wetland Bird Survey (WeBs) and so I headed out early to see what was lurking on Rishton Reservoir. I was not disappointed!

The past week or so has seen freezing temperatures but not the really low temperatures being experienced in the east nor any significant snow fall. However, the canal and reservoir have had a good covering of ice and that has concentrated the birds from the area onto the only open patch of water.

The Greenland White-fronted Goose seems to have lost its partner and occasionally shows with the Canada Geese that have reached record numbers (324 today). Today I picked it up as it flew off as I was counting them! It's the first bird to leave the roost so you have to be there early to get any view. Still not sure where it goes during the day but perhaps I'll take a trip along the canal and see if it's hanging around any likely spots.

Also today, there were good counts of Wigeon (8), Teal (21) and Tufted Duck (24 with 29 ye…