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Not many birds here!

We've arrived in Chicago safely and have spent yesterday getting various college stuff sorted out for Heather. Weather was warm and cloudy, so it wasn't too onerous making our way from one place to another. Lugging a load of bulky shopping on the 'El' was fun - er not! One slight panic when my card wouldn't work - fortunately, Bernie's did.
The IIT campus is in the south side of Chicago and though some of the surrounding areas are less than salubrious (much like around Manchester Uni), the campus is good. Not many birds though: Ring-billed Gull, American Crow, Starling, House Sparrow and Cardinal. Heard a grackle somewhere nearby but the time for birding will be later when we head up north - weather permitting. It's been a cool wet summer over here and floods in several places.
Anyway, a trip to the lakefront and downtown today I think. The Chicago skyline is something to behold, especially at night from the bridge over the river at Roosevelt - hopefully add …

Local breeding successes

Surprisingly, it was a lovely morning and so I thought I'd check out some spots to augment the breeding status of the birds in my area. At Rishton Reservoir, I was delighted to see that there were no fishermen on the far bank and that the Great-crested Grebes were actively feeding two youngsters. A common Sandpiper bobbed along the shoreline but there was no sign of the LRP's.
A couple of juvenile Black-headed Gulls, just out of either Belmont ot Stocks in all probability, were loafing with several adults and the non-breeding/unsuccessful breeding Canada Goose flock numbered 40. The chacking to the right of the promenade led me to a couple of young Blackcaps and Bullfinches were repeatedly collecting food and returning to a nest site.
I worked my way down to what I call Whitebirk Marsh - a rush and reed filled damp area between the Leeds Liverpool Canal and the industrial estate. No sooner had I arrived than I put up a Sedge Warbler from what I suspected was a nest site. A male …