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Goa 13-26 Nov 2018

It was a late decision but we needed a holiday having not been on a break all year so we plumped for Goa in November when the weather should be fine and birds plentiful. Once we’d booked our quiet hotels, I started getting the field guides to the area, read some trip reports and sketched out what we might do. The plan was roughly to spend the first week relaxing with a couple of excursions and then do some more serious birding with a guide in the second week. It didn’t quite turn out that way but we made the best of it, especially as the weather was particularly hot and humid (hottest October and November for over 50 years). The heat seriously hampered us as beyond 11 or even earlier, it was too hot for birds and us! Even the late afternoon was hot and birds difficult.
Tue 13 Nov:Candolim, Sonesta Inns
We arrived from Manchester two hours late, getting to our hotel, Sonesta Inns in Candolim, at 4am. After a brief sleep we got a bit of breakfast and explored the grounds between the hote…