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Greenish Warbler in Lancashire

June is normally a quiet month where I can get on with writing up the Lancashire Bird Report but with being away in America for two weeks and a very busy time at work moving all the IT to a new site things haven't been as quiet as would have liked.
The only birding I've done has been some Sand Martin ringing on the Lune last week and a couple of brief visits to the very quiet Rishton Reservoir. I've had the moth trap out a few nights too but missed the 'biggest' night of the year so far last Tuesday: I haven't had large numbers of any species but quite a variety in the small number of moths in the trap. So when I got the news of a Greenish Warbler singing in a copse on a golf course at Turton (in Blackburn with Darwen, just yards from the border with Greater Manchester) it was too good an opportunity to miss.
It took a while to find the golf course, let alone the bird but once there, a dash up the bridlepath and a yomp over the fairway had me within hearing dis…