My first taste of spring birding in the states

Baltimore Oriole
Ring-billed Gull
Back in the USA. And Chicago again to attend my daughter's graduation ceremony but that's given me a chance to experience some May birding in places where I've only known relative silence in terms of bird song. Montrose point was splendid this morning with all the songs of the grackles, redwings, american robins and orioles amongst others.

And all the birds are all in the summer finery too! Splendid Chestnut-sided, Yellow, Magnolia, Palm and Mourning Warblers as well as Wood Thrush, Brown Thrasher, Warbling Vireo, White-crowned Sparrows and Ruby-crowned Kinglet. It all made a very pleasant hour or two before the crowds descended!

Jackson Park tomorrow I think before the thunderstorms hit and then it's off to the west coast.


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