And yet more Redpolls

I apologise for being rather repetitive on some posts recently but Redpolls are generally scarce yet on Saturday Mark and I ringed a total of 22 new birds plus a control and several retraps.
A greyer Lesser Redpoll
One of the few adult males that was coming down to seed was distinctly greyer that the rest of the birds and having bounced of the nets three times previously, we eventually trapped him. The bird seemed to have good credentials in that it was noticeably greyer than all the rest and the white in the wing, tail and back was extensive. Flanks had no buff in them and were boldly streaked as was the rump. However, the measurements were all below the range for Mealy! It was reminiscent of a bird in 2009 that stood out similarly. That was also trapped later and though quite large, we put it down as a Lesser as with this one.

The previous control from January came from Cumbria:
L742255        3J               30.07.11                       Greystoke Forest (Cumbria)
Caught            6F              13.01.13                       Rishton 110 km SSE

We caught three Blackbirds, one of which was laden with fat and rather large - clearly a bird ready to migrate back to the continent. Two pairs of Bullfinches are visiting but they avoided the nets as did a female Brambling.

Just hope this wind would ease so that we can get more ringing done in the peak of the finch migration as well as warm up so that I can get the Moth Trap out!


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