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Some pictures of my garden Redpolls and other stuff

Typical isn't it. The pictures of the bright rosy male redpolls were jus a bit too blurry.

Chaffinch invasion

I'm making sure all the feeders are full during this cold snap and as a consequence the bottom of the garden (which is relatively sheltered) has lots of birds.

There have been at least 20 Chaffinches in the large and growing brush pile (created from the trees that have been pruned over the last year) and we have at least 10 Lesser Redpolls visiting still - most were unringed today.

There were twelve Mute Swans and the Black Swan on Rishton Reservoir today but nothing much else has changed.

No Lesser Scaup for me

This time last week I was hoping that a drake Lesser Scaup at Brockholes would hang on into the weekend but there was no such luck. However a call from John Wright on Saturday afternoon raised hopes as he'd found a Scaup asleep with three Tufties on Fishmoor Reservoir. I dashed over but it soon became apparent that this was a different bird to the one a Brockholes. Could it be another?
It was an hour later before we got any prolonged views of it in any pose other than asleep - the nail on the bill was coloured black but it seemed to be too broad. Then it sat up and flapped - white in the primaries and a dark tide line indicated that this was actually a first winter Greater Scaup.
At least we enjoyed a lovely sunset whilst a Mediterranean Gull flew over.
There's been nothing really to talk about at Rishton Reservoir though there are three pairs of Great-crested Grebes displaying. All the easterlies have meant a general dearth of rainfall and the reservoir levels are droppi…