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A brief review of 2012

The rain is pouring down outside. There, I should leave it at that as it is a very succinct synopsis of 2012 here in the north-west of England. The rest of England may have had drought in the early part of the year but not here and that's put paid to many plans.

The unexpected present of a moth trap from my wife last Christmas has got me started on this aspect of natural history observation and even though the opportunities for getting the trap out have been rather few, I indeed have got the bug as it were and am hoping for a much better year in 2013. It turned out that the 10km square I live in has very few moth records so increasing the 'list' by 50 species this year has been most welcome. Cue the second unexpected present this Christmas - a portable generator - which means I can get a little further afield an perhaps check out the moths at Rishton Reservoir/Cut Wood.

Combined with the incessant rain have been strong winds meaning that there have been very few opportunit…

Rishton Reservoir WeBS 16th Dec

Today's Wetland Bird Suvey of Rishton Reservoir didn't pop up too many surprises though there were goodly numbers of Tufties and Goosanders. In fact 15 was the magic number for both those species and also Coot, none of which were colour-ringed unfortunatley.

Canada Geese are still absent - not sure if that's a good or bad thing as they used to attract a few other birds in with them, however the Mute Swans numbered eight and the Black Swan was present again.

A nuthatch was calling in Cut Wood again and a Great Tit was giving a few snippets of 'teacher, teacher!'

Back home the blackbirds have polished off all the apples and I've finally got round to making the fat cakes. Plenty of finches still coming down as well as the regular Grey Wagtail. This-evening I watched the gulls passing by the back of the house on their way to roost. Only around 400 - 500 large gulls, a fraction of previous years numbers when I could count thousands.

Lesser Redpolls back in the garden

We've managed a couple of ringing sessions in the garden over the past month. Lots of Goldfinches a few weeks ago but only a couple today. However there are a few Lesser Redpolls around - a flock of twelve were very adept at avoiding the nets apart from this adult male.
Adult male Lesser Redpoll Rishton Reservoir has been generally quiet. The Great Crested Grebes are still present with up to six and there have been a few Teal and Tufted Duck around as well as a hybrid Aythya. Wigeon have alse been quite regular but the geese have notable by their absence. May nip down tomorrow to see what's dropped in.