My turn for a Waxwing fix

Colin Bushell eluded to this yesterday with his report of 150 Waxwings in Preston but this-morning was my first chance to catch up with this winter's crop of Waxwings. A few weeks later that the last huge irruption of two years ago but welcome all the same.

There's just something about that trilling call that I and other birders just love. Definitely the opium of the masses of birders ('scuse the pun) - great birds.

There were ten at Barrow today but with hndreds depositing themselves around the country, they could turn up anywhere, especially as the berry crop is poor this year.
Waxwing, Barrow, Lancashire 10th November 2012
You never know, we may get then in the garden again.


  1. Very nice shot! Clear and very focus. I like this much. Birds gives me happiness when looking them.

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  2. Hi Dave
    Flock of 55 waxwings in Rishton last couple of days, I think they must be on their return migration and decided to stop off for a few berries.

  3. Thanks for the info Huw. Where have you seen them?

    1. Hi Dave, sorry for the long delay in replying, top end of School Street, some pics here


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