WeBS at Rishton Reservoir

Rishton wildfowl made the news in the local paper (Lancashire Evening Telegraph) yesterday. I'd received a call from the Hyndburn reporter asking if there was any evidence behind the apparent decrease in the number of ducks on the canal. Well that got me started and so we moved from one subject to the next and got onto the wildfowlers who were employed to cull geese taking a load of Mallard instead!

They got my name wrong but a follow up in the Accrington Observer next week should be more accurate.

Anyway, today was WeBS day so I made sure I located all the Mallards in the vicinity of the Reservoir - a paltry 45, eleven of which were on a flooded corner of the field adjacent to the playground. Ten coot present but none came out so that I could check them for bright plastic jewellery! Other wildfowl were a single female Wigeon, four Tufted Ducks, a wierd looking Pochard x Tufted hybrid, four Mute Swans and the Black Swan.

The Great Crested Grebes were still feeding their adolescent youngster whilst a nice flock of 42 Lapwing roosted on the far bank undisturbed this time. Passerines included 25 Meadow Pipits around the farm and a flock of twelve Long-tailed Tits.

Back home, I had the moth trap out last night for three hours and got just two moths though both were new for me - a Satellite and a Brick.MAy just leave it out overnight if I'm not heading for the east coast tomorrow.

Today's been spent in the garden doing some tidying up, re-planting some of our shrubs and blackcurrant bushes amongst other things. I was sat having a cuppa when I heard a distinctive 'peeep' from down the dip. Surely not? It was - a Kingfisher on the stream at the bottom of the dip which even let me see it without flying off. Grey Wagtails have been regular around the garden this past couple of weeks too!

There are lots of finches visiting the feeders now. Mainly Goldfinch, Chaffinch and Greenfinch but there were a couple of Lesser Redpolls overhead. Bullfinches have reverted to their scarce status but perhasp now that the garden work is nearly completed, they'll be back. there are plenty of Robins singing which suggests a few immigrants have arrived for the winter. Only a few 'tseeeps' of Redwings so far this autumn but a lot must be on their way soon.


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