Last day in Chicago

I'm now back home amidst the floods and torrential rain that has characterised the last 12 months here, so to cheer myself up I thought I'd share a coule of images from Northerly Island yesterday.

It was a breezy morning when I pulled up at 7am having said my goodbyes to my daughter. A Black-billed Cuckoo sat on the railings of the building above my head as I put my $2:50 in the parking lot machine - four hours should be plenty. There was one other car in the parking lot - that belonged to Leo whom I bumped into a few minutes later as we scoured the grassy areas for Sparrows. We had on very interesting bird that could have been a Henslow's but nothing was sitting out.

The area at the southern end was again the most productive with a whole host of Sparrows: White-throated, Song, Swamp, Savannah, Lincoln's and Chipping as well as this warbler that we think is a Pine.
Leo decided to try Montrose but before he left, stumbled across a flock of Lapland Longspurs (Buntings) numbering around 25 - 30. They hung around and let me get an image or two.
Lapland Bunting (Longspur)
I also had my first ever Fox Sparrow (I've previously only visited this side of the Atlantic in summer) a Rusty Blackbird and four Soras. Some Savannah Sparrows were feeding in the area.

Savannah Sparrow
I departed for Montrose to spend the last couple of hours before my flight home - it was rather benign but there were a few very nice birds for me to finish off with including another Fox Sparrow and Golden-crowned Kinglets.
Swamp Sparrow
Northern Waterthrush
Now I'm looking to the east and wondering where we should be going this weekend!


  1. Cute little bird. Here in our country there is a certain kind of bird that is totally like that, it was called Maya.

    Jacob of bird watching Philippines


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