Inter-Olympic birds and moths - Gold!

I, like nearly everyone else in the country, am hooked on the Olympics so a Saturday spent alternately going through a large moth catch and watching British Olympians do their stuff was amazingly draining!

GOLD-spots - how appropriate! Lempke's on the left.
The new Micro Moth book arrived too so that helped me on my way to identifying some of the easier micros that were in the trap.
This morning I nipped over to Marks in the hope that we might get a few Meadow Pipts moving through. Sure enough, a flock of ten dropped into one net all at once as well as a few Willow Warblers.
Juvenile Meadow Pipit
The 'new' ringing ride, especially for phylloscs
We're having the back garden redesigned so the feeders have had to be taken to the bottom of the dip. They're still attracting plenty of birds and everything should be in place for the autumn.


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