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Red-breasted Merganser at Rishton Reservoir

Last weekend there was a splendid influx (albeit brief) of wildfowl into the East Lancashire region. Part of that influx was this Red-breasted Merganser that thankfully hung around for me to see it this weekend as I was away!

A couple of Mute Swans have been regular on the reservoir recently whilst four juveniles have been seen on the canal.

At least the weather's been splendid for getting out and about if not for driving birds over to us from the continent. So, from last weekends visit to the Lakes and yesterday in the Ribble Valley......

Enjoying the November sunshine

The national BBC weather forecast had this weekend as wet and miserable. It may be in the south east but whatever they say, we seem to get the opposite so after a fine starry night it was no surprise to have to clear ice from the windscreeen before my morning visit to Rishton Reservoir.

The air was cold and crisp with not a breath of wind. As I arrived at the entrance to Cut Wood I was once again delighted to hear a Nuthatch calling. I soon got onto this male along with a Treecreeper and several Tits and Finches. These now regular sightings mean it's looking good for this species to finally colonise the place. Down by the reservoir there wasn't much happening other than whistling Mallards getting frisky and a sole juvenile Great Crested Grebe. The water level is at full height now and hopefully we should get some winter duck coming in.

The mist closed in around the water so it was time to head home for breakfast and then set out to the coast for some birding. The obvious draw …

Garden Ringing 30 October

Sunday was forecast to be calm in the morning so the nets were set in the hope of catching a few birds. The garden has generally been quiet with plenty of natural food available, not to mention the regular visits by Sparrowhawks.
We managed to catch a few finches and Tits but nowhere near the vast haul of exactly one year ago. A lot of birds had little or no fat on them suggesting that they weren't too concerned about food availability! Nine Goldfinches were trapped in total including a couple of 3J's, their head feathers still in moult.

No doubt we'll try again very soon now that winter is near.