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Long-tailed tits

Don't you just love Long-tailed Tits? I was just hanging around when a flock of these delightful birds came along the hedgerow.
It wasn't a bad morning over in East Yorkshire where I had had several flocks of Fieldfares overhead and a couple of Crossbills including a bright red male relatively low down. I even managed a quick lunchtime trip to Flamborough where I caught up with a Yellow-browed Warbler and a very brown Chiffchaff with a striking supercilium!

Just have to hope that the Siberian Rubythroat in Shetland fancies a sojourn a bit further south!

It may not be a Rufous-tailed Robin...

... but two Tree Sparrows in the garden on Saturday were a first for Rishton Bird Observatory. We were just enjoying a cuppa in the sunshine when I heard a chirrup that wasn't quite right for a Chaffinch. A moment later, this bird came into view in the plum tree.
That's 105 for the garden list and though I was hoping for a Yellow-browed Warbler in the sycamore, I guess this species was more likely. The nearest breeding site is about three miles away on the edge of Great Harwood - they've been spreading up the Ribble and then the Calder but no further. Steve Grimshaw's had them in nest boxes at the Brownsills Caravan site for years now.

The morning had been mixed. The passage of Redwings that I heard overnight was continuing - around 120 over in an hour along with around 25 Fieldfares. Blackbirds and Robins were very common whilst finches, pipits and wagtails passed overhead. A couple of Skylarks was good for the time of year along with Reed Buntings passing. A chiffcha…

Solitary Sandpiper in Lancashire

This morning, we were ringing a few birds in my garden. The weather had turned from the hot and sunny spell to a warm and drizzly one. There had been a strong passage of birsd over the garden the last couple of mornings with Meadow Pipits and Siskins the most noticeable but there had also been Goldcrest, Chiffchaff and a few Swallows around. Goldfinches have continued to come down including I reckon the same three juveniles yet to get their red face mask.

However, there were few birds moving around. There was clearly plenty of natural foraging to be had but we did manage to attract in a juvenile Grey Wagtail as well as a hand-full of other birds.

Just as we completed the second net round, I got a message - Solitary Sandpiper at Nateby. What!? We played it cool for an hour or so but things were quiet and we didn't feel at all bad about packing up and heading for Garstang.

I had been bemoaning the lack of American waders around Lancashire as there had 'only' been a Lesser Ye…