Dropped camera - no focus

After a sultry night in Chicago, I headed for Montrose again this morning. It was cloudy and occasional drizzle filled the air. Thunderstorms are on their way as is some cooler weather.

Anyway, the Magic Hedge was filled with early activity - all manner of Flycatchers looking subtly different left me more than a little bemused. I think I could have stayed all day and not got much further. Maybe next Monday morning when it's cooler. Birds that I could identify - lots of Magnolia Warblers still, Chestnut Sided, Redstart, Wilson's Yellow, Blackpoll, Tenessee and a probable Orange-crowned. Warbling Vireo and Red-headed Woodpecker were added to the list.

On the Shore, there was just the Short-billed Dowitcher and three Semi P Plovers. There was a strong passage of hirundines, mainly Barn Swallow with a couple of Bank Swallows and a Purple Martin but then disaster. My camera bag slipped off my shoulder and landed with a thud on the concrete pier. Though padded all over, the lens had been shocked into submission and the focus is now completely stuck. So no more photos this trip but a good excuse to buy myself that 500mm lens!

I met up with a few more birders looking for the Lark Bunting that had been seen late yesterday. No luck there but the field I suspect it might be in was like the totem pole field at Filey - whole flocks of Buntings can hide in there! A flock of Bobolinks came in though and one perched up for me.

Finally back amongst the trees, things were hotting up - literally. The Mourning Warbler showed itself again along with several Gantcatchers and Magnolia Warblers. Then a dove flew over. I didn't think anything of it at first - Collared Dove. Collared Dove? Should have paid more attention - it certainly wasn't a mourning dove nor a Feral Pigeon. And there have only been a handful of records in Chicago - oh heck.


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