Back home

I've been home just short of a week now and the jet-lag has still not totally gone. The weather has been atrocious but a brief interlude of fine weather on Friday and Saturday got a few things moving.

Long-tailed Tits were noticable as they noisily made their way around the place - there have been very few of late. Steve Grimshaws discovery of a Ruff at Rishton Res enticed me out of work a little early - a good job too as fifteen minutes after I arrived, it departed south whilst the other waders with it, two ringed Plovers and two Dunlin, remained. They weren't there this weekend though.

Three weeks away meant that the garden was getting a little overgrown and the long grass enticed HEdgehogs out into the center of the lawn in the middle of the day. I was delighted to see a Migrant Hawker in the garden on Saturday - we normally have a couple of Brown Hawkers during the summer months but this one taking insects from the rear of the house was a surprise indeed.

Back to work now with a weather eye on the coastal forecast. Just might have to take the afternoon off tomorrow in order to get my near-annual fix of Leach's Petrels. there haven't been many of these ocean wanderers yet in the strong winds of last week but with another storm whipping things up, there must be a lot of tired birds out there and the potential of a wreck.


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