Better late than never

..with a photo of the Crane that graced the borderlands last Tuesday. A good couple of days birding with this and the White-throated Robin on the Monday. This bird was reported around 6pm so I finished my tea only to miss it at its original but distantly viewed site. Fortunately Mike Watson got stopped by a local to show him where the stork was. Managed to get a shot in the rapidly fading light.

At Rishton Reservoir today the young grebe was being fed by its parents. Unfortunately, the other two nests were washed out - last year they were left high and dry!

The flock of Canada Geese has been absent for some time but they're now re-assembling.

I couldn't see anything on the far bank. There had been a single LRP there last week but I've not seen any the last two visits. I just hope they may be sitting tight somewhere!

The first juvenile Goldfinch was on the feeders today and I'm still getting regular visits from Lesser Redpolls. Blackbirds are singing all around us at present - I haven't seen many youngsters but this rain will have helped bring the worms up! It's certainly got the slugs and snails on the move - time for the beer trap.


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