Waiting for an American Visitor

This wind seems incessant. This-morning I tried to do a stint at the reservoir but the rain lashed into my face at regular intervals and the wind was sogusty I was fully expecting a petrel over the water. Instead there were plenty of hirundines, a couple of gulls and little else.

One of my daughter's friends is coming over from America today, so not an avian visitor but the wind could bring one over!

Two pairs of Grebes (the ones on the railway embankment) have at least one chick each but I haven't seen the ones that skulk near the yacht club - they could have been drowned out with the constant pounding of the waves over the past couple of weeks.

House Martins have finally arrived in some numbers - at least 25 were feeding in the shelter of the trees along Cut Lane this morning whilst Robins and Chaffinches have struck up song again. On Friday there was a (Greater) Ringed Plover on the far bank of the reservoir and yesterday, a pair of Little Ringed Plovers were busy feeding along the edge.

Anyway, now for an anxious afternoon watching footy on the telly!


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