Some good TTV'ing

Yesterday was spent doing two TTVs around Barnoldswick, somewhere I wouldn't go in most circumstances but a four hour circuit was rewarded with some good birds. The gusty easterly wind kept a lot of stuff down but otherwise it wasn't too bad. I set off up onto the moor to the west of Bar'lick first; plenty of Willow Warblers, Meadow Pipits and a good colony of Linnets with some splendid males singing along the path were a complete opposite to my last visit were there was nothing but for a couple of Crows.

A female Wheatear dodged along a wall and a single displaying Curlew was my only wader of the day. A couple of Red Grouse reluctantly sounded out their 'go-back' call. Apart from another Wheater, there was nothing to write home about around Duck Pond until I heard what is now becoming a more familiar call of a Yellow Wagtail. I picked up the bright yellow male flying overhead.

Further down I could hear a distant Redstart but I got a good view of one a bit further along the path.

I finally made my way round to the north of the town where the Sewage Works are I was delighted to hear the rattling of a Lesser Whitethroat and managed to get some close views in the hedge. A Sedge Warbler in a nearby ditch was also unexpected and a great end to a productive mornings surveying.

Today, the wind is even stronger. Nothing on Rishton Reservoir other than a Raven that has joined the corvid throng, though the rest of Crows weren't at all pleased with its presence. I'd seen a Raven over the house half an hour earlier so it could have been the same one.

Couldn't resist another Dotterel image. :)


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