Lesser Scaup, Marshside

Checking Rishton Reservoir these past few days has not revealed a great number of birds. Yesterday, five Tufted Ducks were new in and today a pair of Widgeon had dropped in. Otherwise just the usual gulls on the far bank with up to four Oystercatchers and three Curlews. There are at least two Lapwings on territory and I caught sight of a distant Sparrowhawk displaying.

The Grebes had increased to eight birds this-morning with the ones to the left of the promenade busy building a nest.
The four juvenile Mute Swans are still around and were joined by an adult pair on the small res. Garden finch numbers have declined somewhat so I took myself off to have a look at the Lesser Scaup that had been at Marshside.

A couple were intently looking at a bird rather close to the screen at the Junction Pool as I arrived and declared that it was asleep in amongst the Tufted Ducks. I couldn't see the bird in the flock and I thought I was going mad but after a few minutes the Scaup steamed in from the left - as I'd suspected, they'd been looking at a Gadwall! I quickly and patiently rectified the situation as the Lesser Scaup showed well. The pair of Gadwall followed  it wherever it went, feeding on whatever was disturbed by it.
Lesser Scaup, Tufted Duck and Gadwall not impersonating a Lesser Scaup
A Chiffchaff was singing in the nearby bushes but after a walk around the old sand-winning compound where the expected Wheatears were darting around, I was delighted to hear a Willow Warbler give a few half-hearted attempts at a song. Now I know its Spring!
Willow Warbler
Finally, here's a toad that showed better than the birds we were looking for last Friday.


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