Rishton Reservoir WeBS

Not on the scale of some nearby sites, but I do the monthly count of birds on the reservoir throughout the year. Today, the numbers were pretty poor, though a pair of Wigeon had dropped in with the fog and a couple of Oystercatchers were a welcome returning sight.

There were hardly any other birds with just eight Mallard, six Coot, two Moorhens and three juvenile Mute Swans near the yacht club. Chaffinches were starting to sing in and around Cut Wood and the odd Siskin called overhead.

Back home, I'm patiently waiting for the return of the Redpolls now that a neighbour has finished his garden vandalism - there's nothing above a foot in height there! Anyway, at least three different Siskins have come down in amongst the finches including a splendid male. Coal Tits and Chaffinches are singing for the first time this year and I heard the first Song Thrush this morning, albeit rather briefly.

The forecast is for the weather to turn a bit colder but the days are lengthening and the PV output is rising - we've received our first cheque from Centrica for three months worth of electricity generation over the mid-winter period. Things are looking up!


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