Waxwings, lovely waxwings

Rishton Reservoir beckoned this morning as I hadn't 'done' it for a few days. Numbers of gulls had increased with 110 Black-headeds, 15 Herring and 45 Lesser Black-backs milling around together with the single Great-crested Grebe and a single immature Goosander. Four Lesser Redpolls flew overhead, calling as did a Siskin whilst a flock of over 60 Fieldfare moved south over the far bank.

There was still no sign of any Waxwings around Rishton so I headed out to Barrow this afternoon and fifteen minutes later I was enjoying a veritable ocular and auditory feast!

I love Waxwings, in fact I bet it's hard to find anyone who doesn't. The sound of their calls evokes memories of cold winter days and the anticipation of a good view of this showy species. Well this-afternoon, the light wasn't good (reason to go back one sunny day soon) but the flock at Barrow was growing by the minute it seemed.

When I arrived there were around 40 in the trees above the main road but fifteen minutes later (just after Janet had called in in passing and missed them) the flock came back and was joined by two other flocks in quick succession. They were flighty and I estimated the flock to number 75 now but then they all came down to gobble up some more berries before wheeling around enabling me to get a count shot - 79 in all.

Oh this winter's going to be good!  We plan to have a ringing day in the garden tomorrow if the wind dies down a bit. I'll still keep my fingers crossed that one of these beauties graces the back garden.
Part of the Waxwing flock

Nearly the whole flock - I count 74 and there are another five that weren't in the picture.


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