What will the weekend bring?

After the wind-blown excitement of last week, this has been much more sedate locally though some very nice bits and pieces have been turning up around the country and the north-easterly blast is bound to bring stuff to the east coast. Mark's already started with an Arctic Redpoll on the Farnes - just practising for a ringing session in the garden soon.

I've been mostly doing the Reservoir in the mornings - the only birds of note on the water were a Tufted Duck on Monday an a Teal on Wednesday! The water level is rising quite quickly now but still has another two meters or so before it's full. Even the grebes gave got fed up and only one remained today.

Still, on Wednesday, there was a good flock on Linnets on the bank - 46 accurately counted before heading off west - the same flock that's been around for a while probably. Meadow Pipits have been passing overhead in dribs and drabs and Pied Wagtail numbers have dropped off. Just a few Swallows remained on Wednesday but today, there were none. A Lesser Redpoll flow over the park today and a family of Bullfinches with some young juveniles were in the new plantation.

Back home, there was a Blackcap in the garden yesterday and the day before a couple of Chiffchaffs, one of which had an odd down-slurred call seee-oo. Didn't get to see it for much more than a second but it was a well marked bird. Tomorrow I'll be cleaning the gutters with an ear for what's passing overhead I suspect!


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