Lac du Gast

About 12km from where we’re staying is the Foret Dominale de St Sever, a large forested area that would be excellent in spring and early summer (times of the year we’ve not visited yet). Towards the southern end is a reservoir, Lac du Gast that I tend to visit a couple of times.

Today’s visit had all the usual suspects around – there are several pairs of Great Crested Grebes, lots of Coot and Mallard as well as a few Grey Herons and Cormorants. I was delighted when a Honey Buzzard took flight and circled up before heading away north.

I came across a mixed Tit flock in the woods Blue/Great/Marsh and then the distinctive bubbling call of Crested Tits. I’ve seen the latter at the cottage on one occasion. Also in the flock were Nuthatches, Short-toed Treecreepers and Great spotted Woodpeckers. I’m sure there must be Middle-spotted here, I’ve seen then a few miles south of here but really the time if year is important for them and Black Woodpecker.


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