Rishton Reservoir - July

22nd July
I hoped that the heavy showers might have brought something else in this morning - well the Canada Geese have increased from 17 to 45! The rain has been pelting down all morning so I was a bit concerned over the fate of the LRP chicks. However my fears were assuaged by the sight of the adult calling her chicks to her to shelter them from the downpour and after 30 minutes, all four popped out to feed again.

Other birds present: single Common Sandpiper, four Great Crested Grebes, 28 Lapwings (26 adult, one fledged juv and the local juv), two families of Pied Wagtails, around 30 Sand Martins and ten Swallows.

21st July
Not much change - the four LRP chicks are still doing well with just one parent bird in attendance. Black-headed Gulls up to 72 and Lapwings to 24 including the locally raised juv that's nearly fully fledged. Just one Common Sand today.

19th July
Not a great deal to report today though the sight of a couple more waders and the water level rising a bit was good.

A Redshank was in the far western corner with a Common Sandpiper whilst a further two Common Sandpipers were opposite the promenade. I could only see one adult LRP but it was protecting the four chicks I'd seen a few days ago - all of them growing fast I'm pleased to say. About 32 Black-headed Gulls were loafing about and a few Swifts and Martins overhead.


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