LRP's doing well

Well at least three Little Ringed Plover chicks have survived so far at Rishton Reservoir. Today I watched the adult make its way over to an immature Heron and Magpie that were getting too close for comfort and distract them by hopping away. Gull numbers are increasing with over 80 Black-headeds and 20 Lesser Black-backs, half of which were juveniles. Canada Goose numbers are up to 73 but the Grebes have dwindled to just the one pair.

There were six Swifts over the house today, purposefully heading west as they start t think about vacating these shores. I rarely see them after the end of July in any numbers but at least it seems they bred again on Harwood Road in Rishton. Numbers of House Martins are still rather poor with about six pairs dotted between my house and the Reservoir. However the local population of House Sparrows is doing well on the sunflower seed with at least 25 in the garden this-morning. Some of the youngsters have even taken to the niger seed but I'm not sure how successful they are.

There continues to be good numbers of Tits visiting - the young ones seem to prefer peanuts when I put them out as does the juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker. However bird of the week was a fleeting Hobby zooming down the canal trying to spook the Swallows.

A 4am start tomorrow so I hope the weather is clear. Then its off to Normandy for a while and perhaps I'll get some photography done!


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