LRP chicks & Wood Sandpiper

I took a quick visit to the Reservoir today just in case there was any action on the far bank and I was absolutely delighted to see the Little Ringed Plover parents with two chicks that were a few days old. they were busily feeding as mum looked on and whenever a crow appeared, they scuttled under her wing.

What was also surprising was that there were two other pairs being rather territorial. With the large expanse of sand exposed there must be plenty of places for them to nest even with the permanent disruption from fishermen, crows and cattle. Just two pairs of Grebes remain but a pair of Tufted Ducks had dropped in.

Sunday: We had a party on Saturday and the news of the Wood Sandpiper at Upper Parsonage (just2 miles away) was greeting with the hope that it would stay until the following morning. It did, thankfully, and though it kept hiding amongst the rocks on the far bank, we still got some nice views of this local rarity. In the vain hope that something may be at Rishton, we made our way over there only to be thwarted by the number of fishermen again.


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