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LRP's doing well

Well at least three Little Ringed Plover chicks have survived so far at Rishton Reservoir. Today I watched the adult make its way over to an immature Heron and Magpie that were getting too close for comfort and distract them by hopping away. Gull numbers are increasing with over 80 Black-headeds and 20 Lesser Black-backs, half of which were juveniles. Canada Goose numbers are up to 73 but the Grebes have dwindled to just the one pair.

There were six Swifts over the house today, purposefully heading west as they start t think about vacating these shores. I rarely see them after the end of July in any numbers but at least it seems they bred again on Harwood Road in Rishton. Numbers of House Martins are still rather poor with about six pairs dotted between my house and the Reservoir. However the local population of House Sparrows is doing well on the sunflower seed with at least 25 in the garden this-morning. Some of the youngsters have even taken to the niger seed but I'm not sure h…

Rishton Reservoir - July

22nd July
I hoped that the heavy showers might have brought something else in this morning - well the Canada Geese have increased from 17 to 45! The rain has been pelting down all morning so I was a bit concerned over the fate of the LRP chicks. However my fears were assuaged by the sight of the adult calling her chicks to her to shelter them from the downpour and after 30 minutes, all four popped out to feed again.

Other birds present: single Common Sandpiper, four Great Crested Grebes, 28 Lapwings (26 adult, one fledged juv and the local juv), two families of Pied Wagtails, around 30 Sand Martins and ten Swallows.

21st July
Not much change - the four LRP chicks are still doing well with just one parent bird in attendance. Black-headed Gulls up to 72 and Lapwings to 24 including the locally raised juv that's nearly fully fledged. Just one Common Sand today.

19th July
Not a great deal to report today though the sight of a couple more waders and the water level rising a bit was good.

Another brood

Another visit to the reservoir today in amongst the showers was called for - several more waders through locally so Rishton MUST have something, surely?

Nope. Fishermen have pitched their tents in the two most productive areas! Anyway there was a single Oystercatcher and a group of 3 adult and 2 fully fledged Little Ringed Plovers tucked away - probably from elsewhere I reckon. Scanning carefully through the driving rain, I picked up an adult LRP that looked as if it was sheltering little ones and, sure enough, once the sun came out, four bundles of fluff darted out and fed busily. These were smaller than the two I saw a few days ago and in a different spot so I guess they've just recently hatched. Certainly the parent started injury feigning when the Oystercatcher came near or chased off the other LRPs if they came into her territory.There was no sign of any mid-staged juveniles unfortunately.

The small part of the reservoir has been dry for a while now and two LRPs there could e…

LRP chicks & Wood Sandpiper

I took a quick visit to the Reservoir today just in case there was any action on the far bank and I was absolutely delighted to see the Little Ringed Plover parents with two chicks that were a few days old. they were busily feeding as mum looked on and whenever a crow appeared, they scuttled under her wing.

What was also surprising was that there were two other pairs being rather territorial. With the large expanse of sand exposed there must be plenty of places for them to nest even with the permanent disruption from fishermen, crows and cattle. Just two pairs of Grebes remain but a pair of Tufted Ducks had dropped in.

Sunday: We had a party on Saturday and the news of the Wood Sandpiper at Upper Parsonage (just2 miles away) was greeting with the hope that it would stay until the following morning. It did, thankfully, and though it kept hiding amongst the rocks on the far bank, we still got some nice views of this local rarity. In the vain hope that something may be at Rishton, we mad…

Summer's here!

This is more like a British summer - raining and a hose pipe ban. Well it was bound to happen with all the reservoirs so low. My back lawn that normally resembles a bog for 11 months of the year has been as hard as concrete for the last three. The ground's so hard I can't re-position the bird feeder poles. Anyway we've a 'do' on Saturday so it's bound to pour down then.

I've spent the last couple of days doing some more survey work down in Staffordshire. The fine weather does help when you're doing this so I'm not complaining. Monday morning was enlivened when I saw a crow mobbing an accipter that was bigger than it - a completely unexpected Goshawk that then returned quickly to the conifer belt from whence it came.

The birds most in evidence were Nuthaches - family parties of these birds were absolutely everywhere I went. Green Woodpeckers were also very much in evidence and I managed to find a Tree Pipits nest and Redstarts feeding young. I should…