Youngsters everywhere

Well I've been entertained by a family of Great Tits the last couple of days as they gorged themselves silly on sunflower hearts - chasing each other about, thoroughly enjoying their new-found freedom but struggling with the buffeting wind. The Blue Tits fledged early this morning - I could hear the commotion from the comfort of my bed - but where they've now disappeared to is anyone's guess.

Today, a pair of Lesser Redpolls with at least two juveniles were enjoying the niger seed and the Bull/Green/Gold/Chaffinches are all making regular sorties to the garden to take back to their hungry broods.

A pleasant diversion today was for a summer plumaged Greenshank on the small reservoir at Parsonage along with several Lapwings found by Tim and Janet Davie. A pair of Great Crested Grebes have got three chicks in complete contrast to the Rishton Grebes - all three pairs are still around but the Reservoir level is dropping further and today a fisherman was on the very spot where the LRP is usually seen.

Now back to the reports.


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