Unexpected Raptors

This morning I decided to finish off my BBS squares by doing SD73M that covered the area around Martholme. Another lovely day with lots of bird families out and about was made pretty special by a couple of unexpected sightings. I'd made my way up towards Brownsills where the House and Tree Sparrows were on good form and then to a viewpoint over the fields where a couple of quite well grown young Curlews were feeding alongside their attentive parent. Sand Martins were chirping overhead as the returned to the colony down on the river with crop full of insects and a large gathering of gulls was down by the river.

Small Tortoiseshells, Meadow Browns and Speckled Woods were all very much in evidence as I wandered through the quiet lanes. As I reached the top near Clayton Farm, I could hear the Swallows alarm calling - "Must be a Sparrowhawk around" I thought to myself. Then a falcon appeared over the buildings - adult Hobby! I watched it for about a minute as it was mobbed by the Swallows and headed off south over Woodlands Park.

Buoyed by that, I continued on round the square and noted plenty of definite breeding evidence for the survey. I also found a Sparrowhawk's nest with young, but I wont let on where that is.

Back briefly to Rishton Reservoir and there was still nothing about. The juvenile Black-headed Gull was still present as were the Grebes. In the garden, the first juvenile Goldfinch has appeared at the feeders. Back to the Bird Report again....


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