The mid-June lull is upon us

It has been an odd Spring but approaching Wimbledon fortnight, most of the bird activity is concentrated on bringing up the family. At this time of year there is very little 'happening' in the migratory sense and it is the ideal time to visit a coastal seabird colony - anyone for Anglesey next week?

There's plenty of breeding evidence around, with young birds being fed in the garden and finch parents stocking up on seed to take back to their broods. Up to four Lesser Redpolls have been on the feeders including a couple of juveniles and young Chaffinches have put in an appearance but so far no young Gold or Greenfinches.

We're regularly getting visits from at least three adult Bullfinches - all ringed (but I can't read it from this image).
The young Blue and Great Tits are regular visitors as well as several Collared Doves, one of which has mastered perching on the feeder.

Anyway, a couple of days writing up reports and working on Excel spreadsheets is in store before I get up and about again. I'm about a third of the way through writing my sections of the Lancashire Bird Report for 2009 and deadlines are approaching! The Gulls section is next.


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