A break from writing

With the sun shining brightly after lunch and the promise of wet and windy weather tomorrow, there was nothing for it but to wander down to the canal just behind my house and look to see what was there.

Normally the water is rather murky but the lack of boats on the canal and the prolonged calm spell and recent rain meant that the surface was relatively clear. A shoal of Roach and Perch were easily viewable as were several fry of one sort or another. There were Common Blue Damselflies all over the surface and a single Brown Hawker patrolled the reedy edge.

A couple of young Moorhen busied themselves at the side of the canal and a lone duckling accompanied a female Mallard.

In the garden, I've left the lawn covered in White clover and the bees of various kinds were having a rare old time.

Meanwhile 'down the dip' the Speckled Woods were looking rather bedraggled.

A pair of Lesser Redpolls have been visiting the feeders and the young Gold/Green/Chaff/Bullfinches are busy scoffing the sunflower kernels at a rate of knots. There was a young Great Spotted Woodpecker on the nuts this morning and a late afternoon thermal had several gulls and two aerobatic Ravens circling over the house.


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