I elect to ..... go birding!

Well I would go a bit further afield if I hadn't injured myself at tennis the other evening. A couple of trips down to the Reservoir today, just in case something had dropped in amongst the murk. Well nothing had unless all the hirundines were newly in. Six Swifts probably were along with an increase in the number of swallows and as the weather got distinctly chilly, the Sand Martins arrived en-masse.

The Grebes' nest may have come a cropper as an adult Grey Heron was patrolling the shallows where one of them was situated and a pair was building a new nest nearer the yacht club. The Common Sandpiper was still here but the three LRP's that I had on Monday had disappeared.

A Robin was busily bringing food to a nearby nest in a bramble thicket - the same, small thicket had Dunnock, Great Tit, Wren, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Reed Bunting in the time I was there! A Chiffchaff half-heartedly gave a snatch of song.

In Cut Wood, the Chaffinches are leading the singing - they seem to be doing well at least. In my garden, the Robins and Dunnocks are regularly having a bit of a territorial scrap whilt the Blue Tits are nest building in the box on the side of the house. I think a day out tomorrow is called for having spent most of today starting to write my sections of the 2009 Lancashire Bird Report.


  1. Keep buying the lottery tickets at Rishton Dave, it will pay off one day, maybe soon? I saw an hilarious road sign at LHR the other day that someone had written 'Vote Volcano' in big letters on. Br, Mike


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