Sparrowhawks final dash

I'm absolutely knackered after a full day sorting out the garden. All the paths jet-washed, vegtable patch sorted and planted, Shed and benches treated - I need some birding time!

Well there were several birds around as usual but the surprise of the day was this female Sparrowhawk that we found dead at the base of our neighbours hedge. I have seen several Sparrowhawks in the area and only yesterday, one zipped across the road in front of the car as it made its dash between houses. Well this one seems to have done the same but then misjudged the turn and gone crashing into a tree. The head and back patterning was quite well defined but there were several juvenile-like feathers so I guess it's a second-year bird.

The Chiffchaff was singing all day and a Blackcap had arrived. Four Swallows have also arrived at the farm at the back of us - they flew high to mob another female Sparrowhawk as it gloded above the house.

This morning at the Reservoir, there were five Tufted Ducks and the usual Grebes plus Fishermen which means there'll be little chance of any waders on the far bank this year. Mistle Thrushes bouded around the football pitches and a pair or Lesser Redpolls looked as it they were to set up territory. A nip up to Parsonage Reservoir prodcues a pair of Goldeneye, Great Crested Grebes and Little Grebes as well as Coots displaying.


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