Black Redstart in the Garden!

The Blackbirds were singing at 4:30 this morning as I awoke rather early. I tried to get back to sleep but around 6:30, Bernie had woken up and so I got up to make a cup of tea for her. As I waited for the kettle to boil, I watched the Blackbirds and Dunnocks under the near feeder when a bird appeared a few yards from the back door. It was one of those surreal moments - I thought "Why's that dunnock hopping along like a Robin?" and then as it perched on the low wall and quivered its tail, the fog lifted from my brain and I exclaimed the presence of a female Black Redstart to Bernie.

It flew up into the apple tree, fly catching and then away into neighbouring gardens. I came back down to finish the tea and there it was again! This time I had my bins but then made a dash to get the camera. Unfortunately, that was the last I saw of it as it dissappeared again. I've been searching all morning and issued the word to my neighbours, just in case they notice an odd bird on their patio. Fingers crossed it turns up again!


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