Off to Scotland again

Just a few days being spent north of the border. I called in at Leighton Moss on the way up and heard one of the now resident Cetti's Warblers near the public hide - I wonder if we'll get Lancashire's first breeding record this year?

Just a short distance from Junction 12 of the M8 is Hogganfield Loch in Glasgow. I've had a few goodies here in the past and I hoped to see the Lesser Scaup that's been here.

Having parked up and had the usual quips from three passing youths, in a dialect I can understand but most people south of Lesmahagow wouldn't, I scanned the nearby ducks - all tufties. Then there were a couple of rafts of Goosanders further out as well as several Goldeneye. A Little Grebe called. Training the scope on the far side f the loch, I could pick out a few more Tufted Ducks and Pochard and  - ta da! - the Lesser Scaup. I reluctantly left the car (no that's harsh really but the area is not the most salubrious) and headed off to the far end of the Loch where I got much better views and some images (though clearly not as close as some I've seen).

Thursday: Set off to Girvan via Lochwinnoch where we managed to see the drake Smew that had been in residence. It was a bit too distant for any decent shots.

At Girvan, the wind had picked up and the Gannets were very close inshore - several adults were passing south every minute and Ailsa Craig disappeared in the mist.


  1. Really pleased we can now comment on your blog Dave and am I the first to do so?

    Looking forward to seeing your future entries as I visit all the 'worth while' birding blogs on a daily basis most of which are linked from Birds2blog.

  2. No, not the first - just don't know why comments haven't been appearing in the past. Anyway I reset all settings and started again!


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