Glorious Spring Sunshine

A quick trip to Grindleton Fell for another view of the Great Grey Shrike was the order of the day. Chaffinches and Coal Tits were singing as I made my way up the hill only to be met by some others coming down the other way with the news that it was on Waddington Fell now!

It's only a mile away so I decided to spend a little while on the edge of the forest. Three Buzzards drifted in from the east and circled away; Red Grouse called 'go back, go back' as if to tell me something. The views and the tranquility were wonderful!

Anyway, after an hour of seeing very little , I made my way back to the car and drove around to the Waddington Fell road where the bird was showing well. However it was still quite distant and so I still don't have any record shots for the blog. I might just have to come up again tomorrow!


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