A good Mealy at last

The Redpolls have been regular again in the garden but at 11 o'clock, whilst peeling some spuds, I noticed a Lesser Redpoll on the near Niger feeder and a pale one on the plum tree - pale greyish mantle, pure white, very contrasty wing bars and whitish rump. A nice Mealy Redpoll at last. I dashed for the camera but it flew to the blind side of he feeder and sat there for around five minutes before both birds flew off. A little later a whole flock came into the feeders but without the other two. However the pale bird seen on previous days with whiter wing bars and pale rump was with them and posed on the feeder for some photos.
The pictures were taken hand held through the window. The bird has a very pale rump and much fainter breast and flank markings.


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