Garden Ringing - 14th Jan

As forecast, the weather was dull, calm and overcast so having dropped Bernie off at school, I met up with Mark and we came back to set up the nets in the garden. Bullfinches have been very regular and we caught another two young males.

The large numbers of Blackbirds that have been coming to the garden were well represented as we caught another five but we only trapped a single Lesser Redpoll. On the plus side we got another ringing tick in the form of a Great Spotted Woodpecker (young male) that was nearly joined by a male Sparrowhawk in the bottom net.

Three Robins and three Dunnocks were our best haul for those species and we managed another 5 Blue and six Great Tits. Three Long-tailed Tits went into the net together. One of them was the ringed one I had seen a few days earlier and it tunred out to be the one ringed in March.

Final totals
1  Great Spotted Woodpecker
3  Robin
3  Dunnock plus 1 retrap
5  Blackbird
2  Long-tailed Tit plus 1 retrap
5  Blue Tit plus 1 retrap
6  Great Tit plus 1 retrap
1  House Sparrow
1  Chaffinch
1  Lesser Redpoll
2  Bullfinch plus 1 retrap


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