Three new garden ringing ticks!

With the prospect of ringing some more Redpolls in my garden, Mark came round with his nets this-morning for another three hour session. It was just after nine when we had the nets set up and almost immediately we were rewarded with a good catch that included a Lesser Redpoll and our first garden ringing first of the day in the form of a Wren..

I had the feeders all set up along the hedge line with the mist net in between. The other net was 'down the dip' but only trapped a Robin all day. The next good bird to get was a female Reed Bunting, one of a pair that have started to feed at the base of the apple tree.

The final new bird was rather unexpected in the form of a Pied Wagtail. We usually get Greys in and over the garden and Pieds are quite unusual, especially as it was no a fly-over.
All in all, we trapped 42 birds with another three retraps; all from last winter and none from our session a few weeks ago - very interesting! Great and Blue Tits were very much at the forefront but we got yet more Bullfinches including three males. The totals for today were:
  • 1 Pied Wagtail
  • 1 Wren
  • 2 Robin
  • 4 Blackbird including a male with white on the sides of its neck.
  • 6 Blue Tit plus 2 retraps
  • 6 Great Tit plus 1 retrap
  • 4 House Sparrow
  • 1 Chaffinch (all keeping out of the way!)
  • 7 Goldfinch (that insisted on being caught)
  • 5 Lesser Redpoll
  • 4 Bullfinch
  • 1 Reed Bunting


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