'Banding' in the garden again

With the hope rather than expectation of some reasonable ringing weather, Mark came round with his nets yesterday morning to get an update on the birds in my garden. Things started very well - the first bird in the nets was a male Bullfinch, probably one of the ones that managed to acrobatically avoid the net in March.

Unfortunately, no other finches were playing ball though there were a larger number of Tits in the nets. Around 10 we got a total of 13 birds in the top net all at once. these included a coupleof retraps of adult Tits and female Bullfinch.
A new bird for the garden ringing list was the only bird caught in the net at the bottom of the garden, a splendid male Goldcrest.

Mark had to go to watch Burnley lose again around 11:30 but in the two and a half hours the totals were:

Goldcrest              1
Coal Tit                 3 plus 1 retrap
Blue Tit                 7 plus 2 retrap
Great Tit               10 plus 1 rettrap
House Sparrow      2 
Chaffinch               1
Goldfinch               1
Bullfinch                2  plus 1 retrap

The tits of the area have certainly done OK this last year it seems, though only the occasional Long-tailed is going through the garden still.

Around 1pm, the flock of greenfinches, Chaffinches and Goldfinches recided to put in an appearance as did the Great Spotted Woodpecker, Jay and a huge female Sparrowhawk. Next time....

Anyway, a quick late afternoon trip round the reservoirs producted five Goosanders on Rishton and seven on Parsonage along with two Goldeneyes. The only grebe was a Great-crested on Parsonage. The water levels are right to the top now - not surprising given the amount of precipitation we've had lately.


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