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Miserable weekend

I'm full of a cold and feeling distinctly under the weather, so no birding for me this weekend. There were good numbers of finches in the garden today with at least 19 Goldfinches and 12 Chaffinches. One of last year's ringed female Bullfinches put in an appearance but there's still no sign of an Redpolls. Long-tailed Tits have been rather scarce this year as well.
It was good to see a flight of five Goosanders bombing down the canal as I haven't seen all that many over the past year or two though they are regular at the reservoir.

North-west Bird Fair

I spent all weekend at Martin Mere on the Lancashire & Cheshire Fauna Society’s stall at this year’s bird fair. We were ‘banned’ last year along with all the other charitable organisations and consequently they had little on offer. This year’s was much better, even with the howling gale and heavy showers (though not as heavy as in Cumbria). Things were busy throughout the two days and I’d like to say thanks to all of those who either helped on the stall or paid us a visit for a chat.

I hoping that the weather will calm down this weekend and entice Mark over to do some garden ringing.

A weekend in Girvan

A quick look at the calendar and I realised that if I was to get my Girvan Atlas square survey done, then it was going to have to be this weekend as I was doing something on all the others through to the end of the year.
The rain pelted down as we made our way carefully up the M6 on Friday evening and I was getting more than a little concerned that the weekend would be a washout! Herring Gulls woke me from my slumbers the following morning - the day was fine! So once the sun was up I grabbed the bins and the notebook and headed for the shore outside the house.
The tide was almost at its height so there was not much beach exposed, nor waders anywhere. Eiders and single Red-brested Merganser and Red-throated Diver got the list off to a good start. A flock of Linnets fed on the shoreline with a couple of Greenfinches and two Rock Pipits. I made my way to the outcrop of rocks on the southern corner of my square where I hoped to find some roosting waders; I wasn't disappointed, in fact…

Atlasing near Gisburn

As I opened the curtains this-morning, the sun was just about to come up but the forecast overnight frost had clearly not happened. We'd planned to start our Atlas survey work today as it was meant to be calm and sunny but as we made our way north east, the drizzle started!
I parked up at Stirk House, donned waterproofs and set off over the fields towards the river. We hadn't gone far when we came across a large thrush flock - at least 250 Fieldfare and 40 Redwing along with several Song Thrushes and Blackbirds. There were also a couple of large flocks of Chaffinches, though no northern interlopers no matter how hard we searched. We slip-slided our way down Steep Wood to the Ribble that was in full spate - not ideal for riverine birds to say the least; the woods were generally rather quiet but we managed to get a few more on the day's list. We had seen several Hares so far and our mammal list was augmented with a herd of over 30 Sika Deer seen through the trees including a…