A chill in the air

The last few days have seen a distinct reduction in the temperature and there seems to be a bit of thrush activity at last. A couple of days ago, there were at least ten Blackbirds and several Song Thrushes chasing each other around the scrub outside my office window along with several Chaffinches. A quick trip to the reservoir is in order after work and before the forecast deluge starts. Tomorrow could be quite interesting.

There was not all that much on Rishton Res this-afternoon. No grebes! No ducks! However the post-tip, pre-roost bathing of large gulls has started - 77 LBBG's and three Herring Gulls along with 71 BHG's and a paltry four Lapwings. Theere was a nice mixed flock of tits on the sunny side of Cut Wood with at least 25 birds in it including 12+ Long-tailed Tits.


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