A Great White one

Talk about good timing. I'd just set foot outside work when I received the text from Billy - Great White Egret on the River Ribble at Brockholes.  Fortunately I had the necessary optical equipment (unfortunately that didn't include the camera) in the car so off I went, pulling up on site as Billy was 15 minutes later. We hopped out of the cars to see the splendid bird flying high above the river and heading downstream. We watched patiently as it seemed to drop by the M6 bridge and then it was up again circling around until it dropped out of sight in one of the back ponds. Now matter where we tried from the paths, we couldn't see it on the ground but it eventually took flight right over us and back onto the river.
Now this bird had been on Banks Marsh yesterday and it brought back memories of the Glossy Ibis and its wanderings from the coast and up the Ribble - quite extra-ordinary. Don't supoose the Long-billed Dowitcher might do that? (It wasn't at Marshside when I was there later, so you never know!)


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