Some signs of autumnal activity

Another breezy morning visit to Rishton Reservoir produced a few more birds today. Lapwing numbers were down to just seven but there were a couple of Snipe and two Common Sandpipers feeding on the far bank. A flock of Pied Wagtails included mainly adult birds with a couple of juveniles but I was pleasantly surprised to see an adult White Wagtail amongst them.
On the water, there was little action with just the usual stuff present. Passerine activity was high though with a flock of four Blackcaps and plenty of Tits moving though. A couple of Linnets fed on the bank of the reservoir. Just two Sand Martins fed over the water.
Back home there have been large flocks of House Sparrows, Greenfinches and Goldfinches (all over 20 birds) and Great, Blue and Coal Tits have been visiting the feeders very regularly. It's difficult to say how many different birds are involved but I reckon it's quite a substatntial number - can't wait to get Mark back here in November. I've seen one ringed adult Blue Tit, but that's all.


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