Rishton Reservoir 29 Aug

With the strong winds buffetting the west coast and a bright morning, I thought I'd check on the local reservoir before my brother arrived. There was nothing much doing - as usual. No fishermen on the far bank, so there were some birds over there: 16 Coot, 17 Lapwing, a single Oystercatcher, several Gulls, mainly Black-headed with a few Herring and Lesser Black-backed and a couple of Cormorants.
Over the reservoir itself, Swallows, Sand and House Martins fed low over the water - the Sand Martins will probablby be heading off soon. An adult Great-crested Grebe fished the shallows with its two fully grown youngsters. the two young birds seemed to be practising display moves for a short while - alternate head shaking and synchronised diving; never noticed that before.
The garden birds must have wondered what had happened over the past few weeks with the lack of food. However, they're starting to return now - as is the male Sparrowhawk!


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