Yesterday's trip up to Paradise was a lovely drive. An adult Bald Eagle over the road was wonderful but the first of three new birds for me, a Sandhill Crane in a roadside marsh, was overdue. Bernie stopped the car amazingly quickly but the spot where it was had no parking spots so we watched it as long as we could before any more traffic came! I was hoping for more but as it turned out, that was our only sighting. Later on we had a Nashville Warbler (feeding young - photo) as well as Magnolia Warbler, two Broad-winged Hawks, lots of Red-breasted Nuthatches and Golden-crowned Kinglet amongst others.Whitefish Point has a Bird Observatory and during the summer, they are carrying out some banding research on juvenile Owl movements. We just had to go along and by midnight we'd seen two juvenile Northern Saw-whet Owls - how cute are they!


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